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Its been a few full lockouts since we started raiding 25man and people have a lot of questions some are unhappy . Im going to lay it out here and if you have any follow ups , add them below.

Raid Schedule

WEDS THURS SUNDAY 20-00 - 23-00

Invites will go out at 19.50p

Please keep your raid availability up to date using the calendar.

90% Raid attendance is required.

There will be 2 5 minute or 10minute breaks per session depending on progression and farm speed.

Guild Master Responsible for day to day up keep of the guild , guild recruitment , event creation and raid management

OFficer Loot Council members. Assist GM with raiding and are an active and valuable source of information for all guild members for fight mechanics, class and spec information.

Raider - Proven to be able to follow instruction , experienced raider , can maintain 90% raid attendance. Flasks and Pots available from the GB.

Raid Ready New or Old member who has a proven background in raiding and has a raid optimised character. May or may not be able to raid the full schedule but regularly shows their availability

Trials New guild members that would like the chance to raid , these players may have come through the website , off trade etc. Trials last 2 full lockouts. You must maintain 100% raid attendance in this time to be promoted to Raider. Trials can be ended at any time.

Social Friends, family, randoms. Social activity is a big part of the guild, we're always looking for more people to derp in ICC or do HCs etc.

Raid Selection

Raid selection is normally done in advance of the raid using the calendar.

Selection priority is Raider > Raid Ready > Trial > Sociala

If you have signed up and been confirmed by the raid leader you will be expected to raid.

Loot system
We currently do not have a full guild group every raid so it is quite hard to manage the loot. Some people are getting frustrated.

Current loot priority is

Main Char Main spec > Main Character OS = ALT main spec

IF you have characters you dont need loot from and you want to bring your alt you may roll greed and bonus roll

Loot council will be in place from wed 2nd July.

Loot council members will be : Warlah Jamcheese Shamage

Loot mode will be master looter, you will be required to link you what currently have.

Loot council will take into account Guild Rank, Raid Attendance, Raid performance, loot rolls

Disputes may be brought to Adzboo/Morigghan during breaks.

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